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Brandon and Zach are joined by Jamie Gagnon, host of the podcast "Not Quite Hollywood," for a special 10th episode. They take on the popular 90's horror staple.

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09 - Jurassic Park 3

The third Jurrasic Park film was met with heavy criticism, but was it deserved? Brandon and Zach debate.

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08 - MouseHunt

What do two goofball brothers, a loveable mouse, and a quirky plot make? A surpisingly dark, violent family comedy. Brandon and Zach discuss 1997's MouseHunt.

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07 - Titan A.E.

2000's Titan A.E. was a movie with high expectations, but its box office performance shut down an entire studio. Was is really that bad? Brandon and Zach look to find out.

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06 - Batman Forever

With an all-star cast and direction under Joel Schumacher, Batman Forever launched it's way into the hearts of people worldwide and became one of the decades most popular films. Brandon and Zach can't really figure it out.

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