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14 - The Mummy (1999)

Sparking multiple sequels, spin-offs, and a 2017 remake, 1999's The Mummy is still one of the most highly praised action films of the decade. But is it good enough for Brandon and Zach?

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13 - The Pagemaster

Brandon and Zach watch 1994's The Pagemaster, a movie about a young boy who goes on an animated adventure with a couple of books. Disclaimer: no nerds were bashed in the making of this podcast.

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12 - Wild Wild West

Despite a massive budget and some of the biggest stars of the decade, Wild Wild West was widely panned by critics. Still, it was a big part of many childhoods, including Brandon and Zach's.

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11 - Rookie of the Year

Everybody has their favorite baseball movie, and 1993's movie about a 12-year-old kid pitching for the Chicago Cubs makes a lot of people's list. But does it make Brandon and Zach's?

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