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18 - Final Destination

The fans have spoken.... and they couldn't come up with a clear winner. So before reviewing Halloween H20, Brandon and Zach talk about Final Destiation, a film that takes a different approach to the typical slasher film of the late 90's and early 2000's. 

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17 - Casper

Everyone remembers the adorable friendly ghost Casper. Everyone remembers when his live action movie was released in 1995. But do you remember how dark, depressing, and violent it was? Brandon and Zach didn't... Movie 3 of OctoberFest!

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16 - Ernest Scared Stupid

Before pressing play on 1991's "Ernest Scared Stupid," Brandon told Zach that he would hate this wacky, slapsticky comedy. Was he right? Find out on movie 2 of our OctoberFest!

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15 - Halloweentown

IT'S OCTOBER! Brandon and Zach being their "OctoberFest" with their first TV movie, Halloweentown. Things get....strange.....

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