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60 - The Waterboy

Zach & Brandon tackle their second Adam Sandler sports comedy. They discuss 1998's surprise blockbuster 'The Waterboy' and all its quirks, including the 'Mother Dead and Dearest' vibes of Kathy Bates' character, the relentless tormenting of some classic 90's jock bullies, as well as soaking in the first motion picture appearance of the Rob Schneider 'YOU CAN DO IT' townie. So sit back and enjoy- preferably with some high quality H20.

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It's 1993 and every kid wishes to see real life dinosaurs. Luckily Walter Cronkite is listening through his wish radio, and he's got plenty of interstellar brain cereal to make dinos intelligent. He and his alien employee travel through time to bring four lucky dinosaurs to the future so they can interact with children in New York City. The boys try to make sense of this childhood favorite.

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58 - Shrek

The boys take a close look at 2001's third highest grossing movie, and recipient of the first Best Animated Feature Academy Award, 'Shrek.' They also discuss Brandon's obsession with Smash Mouth's 'Astro Lounge' album, the stellar voice cast, as well as the long production history of the film.

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