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65 - The Fast and the Furious

Zach & Brandon take a look back at the racing flick that started it all! They discuss the franchise roots as well as how the series evolved since its simple inception. What began as some street racers stealing VHS/ DVD combo players would eventually spiral out of control and into superhero/ super-spy territory. But they're taking it back to the sweaty, Limp Bizkit filled year of 2001 to get into the Diesel/ Walker bromance, Vince's toxic masculinity and of course that sweet NOS CGI!

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64 - Antz

Two computer animated family films about insects were racing to release first in the fall of 1998. While Dreamworks' 'Antz' may have beat Pixar's 'A Bug's Life' to theaters by a month, the latter earned more at the box office and has arguably eclipsed the former in terms of pop culture relevance. But is it deserved? Is Antz actually the better film? The boys debate. They also discuss the 'Starship Troopers/ Saving Private Ryan termite battle carnage, the disturbing character facial design that tried to match the actors' features, as well as the historic rivalry between two of Hollywood's animation powerhouse studios. 

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63 - National Treasure

Zach & Brandon rediscover 2004's historically ACCURATE action adventure blockbuster 'National Treasure.' From Nic Cage's forfeiture of a billion dollars to the amount of times the phrase 'steal the Declaration of Independence' is uttered, they're diving deep into the movie Brandon watched several times in high school on standard def in history class.

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