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71 - Cats & Dogs

We've all known cats and dogs are mortal enemies, but in 2001 we found out why. 'Cats & Dogs' answers the age old question, positing a world in which these two household creatures are waging a war right under our noses. Zach & Brandon revisit a childhood favorite to see if this family comedy lands in the doghouse or the litter box... either way it won't be good. They discuss the complexities of the dog/spy world, puppet animal violence, a spirited voice performance by Sean Hayes, as well as some troubling Nazi subtext.  

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70 - Mulan

For two 90's boys with sisters, 'Mulan' was a beloved classic for Zach & Brandon growing up. One of the last of the Disney renaissance era, this empowering action adventure brought humor and heart into the well-worn animated princess genre. The boys revisit the flick to discover what made it so enjoyable back then - and to see if it still holds up today. They, of course, get into the nitty gritty details such as Mulan's wacky soldier sidekicks, Li Shang's personal struggle with falling in love with a woman he believes to be a man, and the sore spine of Eddie Murphy who at times picks the entire movie up and carries it on his little dragon back. That, and much more, on this week's episode!

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