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74 - Signs

Zach & Brandon take a look back at 2002's sci-fi thriller 'Signs.' They unpack Shyamalan twists and their thoughts on his filmography. Brandon was diagnosed with Shyamalan fever back in the day while Zach was a little cold on the filmmaker, even before his later career missteps. So grab a half full glass of 'contaminated' water, wrap your tin foil hat, and tell Merrill to 'swing away,' because we're seeing Signs. 

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73 - Idle Hands

Zach and Brandon are joined by recurring guest Jamie Gagnon to talk about the best late 90's horror stoner comedy about appendage possession there is. When Devon Sawa's right hand gets an evil mind of its own, it's up to his two cannabis crazed undead zombie buds to help him out and win the girl of his dreams. 'Idle Hands' became a cult classic on DVD, but does this comedy that purports to "give horror films the backhand" hold up or does it belong staked to a corpse with a high priestess dagger? Grab your Druid watches and Mighty Joe Bong, because the boys are about to tackle the touching story of a boy and his right hand.

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