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Anticipation was at a fever pitch back in 1999 for the latest installment in the Star Wars saga. Zach and Brandon revisit the film that introduced them to the movie hype machine courtesy of the constant bombardment of television promos, Pepsi can characters, and Taco Bell toys. They take a deep dive into one of their childhood favorite franchises to determine if The Phantom Menace deserves its reputation as one of the worst films in the series or if it's an impressive feat of imaginative filmmaking. They discuss the badass Darth Maul, the confounding Jar Jar Binks and the likelihood of them finishing the saga if this were their introduction to it. 

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2003's 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' ushered in a new wave of classic horror remakes throughout the remainder of the decade. Zach and Brandon revisit this box office hit to see if it remains as brutal and unflinching as they remember. Is this one of the better horror remakes of its time or is it a whole lot of desaturated style over substance?Topics of discussion include salting stump legs, the producers' desperate attempts to soak Jessica Biel's white tank top, the dolly shot through the back of that lady's head, and R. Lee Ermey's truly gross-o character. 

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