82 - Austin Powers in Goldmember

He's got the Midas touch, but he touched it too much. Zach & Brandon revisit one of their favorite characters from their childhood, and one of the most recognizable pop-culture creations of the 1990s, Austin Powers. Yeah, baby! Rather than dissect the original, or its shagadelic sequel, they tackle the third entry in this popular spy parody franchise. Austin teams up with Foxxy Cleopatra to take down Dr. Evil & Goldmember while also making a whole lot of mole puns, fart jokes, and quintessential early 2000s references. The boys get into everything that works and doesn't work about this sequel, including the legendary Michael Caine as Austin's 'Faja,' the hilarious meta opening, the strange amount of musical interludes, recycled gags, and Mini- Me's kickstand talents. GROOVY!

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