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101 - From Dusk Till Dawn

Cheap drinks. Loud music. Vampires. This'll be one hell of a night. Zach & Brandon revisit one of the most notable bait and switch genre films of the 1990's, From Dusk Till Dawn. They discuss watching this action horror crime thriller at such a young age, and the shock that came from the film's twist, and over the top gore, vulgarity, and nudity. Topics of discussion include Quentin Tarantino's script & performance, Cheech Marin's multiple characters, the triple digit body count and that Salma Hayek snake scene. You know the one. 

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100 - Batman & Robin

Zach & Brandon celebrate their 100th episode by revisiting one of the most notoriously reviled films of the 90s. Following the massive success of Batman Forever, the late Joel Schumacher upped the manic energy, neon lighting and campy tone for his followup, 1997's Batman & Robin. The boys discuss George Clooney's utter contempt for his character, Mr. Freeze's nonstop ice puns, Poison Ivy's sexual innuendos, and much more! It ranks among IMDb's bottom 100 films of all time... but does it deserve the hate?

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99 - Jungle 2 Jungle

Zach & Brandon are headed back to 1997 for the live-action Disney family comedy, Jungle 2 Jungle! Tim Allen stars as your typical 90's hard working Wall Street dad who finds out he has a long lost son living in the jungles of Venezuela. Mimi-Siku is his name and wacky jungle antics is his game. This week the boys discuss the problematic plot, puppet spiders, coffee stocks, and the importance of the financial service industry in children's entertainment.

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98 - Clockstoppers

Tackling one of the more obscure and forgotten flicks from the early 2000's, Zach & Brandon revisit a sci-fi action comedy they each saw once and then never again... until this episode. Zak Gibbs is your typical 2002 high schooler- he likes to shred on his BMX bike, he loves wearing baggy cargo pants, and his wristwatch enables him to speed up his body so that other people seem to be standing still. Throw in French Stewart, some Matrix-inspired gimmick effects, and one helluva soundtrack and you get Clockstoppers. The boys discuss this Nickelodeon joint in great detail, including DJ battles, the least intimidating bullies imaginable, and its Star Trek director. 

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