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105 - Sleepy Hollow

HEADS WILL ROLL! The boys celebrate Halloween with one of Brandon's favorite films to watch to get into the holiday spirit, 1999's Sleepy Hollow. Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci star in this big budget adaptation that became a box office hit and even earned a few Academy Award nominations. Tackling their second Tim Burton feature on the show, it's a first time viewing for Zach. They discuss their introduction to the Headless Horseman legend as well as this film's Oscar winning art direction, solid doses of gore & child murder, its cast of Harry Potter and Star Wars prequel alums, and much more! 

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104 - Hitch

The boys revisit the 15 year old romantic comedy Hitch, starring NBD all-star Will Smith. He plays the smooth-talking date doctor who's responsible for hundreds of relationships across New York City. Kevin James enlists his help to woo Amber Valetta while Smith falls hard for gossip columnist Eva Mendes. Join Zach & Brandon as they take a look back at the dating game in 2005, as well as the film's slightly problematic premise, the tropes of the romcom genre, and they're disdain for the name Vance, among much more. Is the third highest grossing romantic comedy of all time just as charming as it was upon release or does the date doctor feel less cute in 2020?

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103 - School of Rock

Zach & Brandon revisit indie auteur Richard Linklater's mainstream comedy hit School of Rock. Featuring one of Jack Black's most iconic performances, it's a movie that's stuck with the boys for a variety of reasons. Zach watched it in school. Brandon saw it in theaters. But does the rock 'n roll musical comedy hold up? They discuss the tween cast, the legendary soundtrack, their love of Joan Cusack, and the legal consequences of the lead character's actions if this were real life. They don't need no education.

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